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  1. Words Matter: When A Wife Becomes A Widow

    You lose your keys, you don't lose a person who's the whole world to you.
  2. woman with baby binky in mouth

    Why Do Parents Use These Babyish Words?

  3. What Is The Origin Of Valentine’s Day?

    Red roses, heart-shaped candy boxes, fancy dinner reservations—how did all of these come to signify romance on February 14th?
  4. 10 Archaic Yet Romantic Words For Valentine’s Day

  5. Words For “Cheese Lover” And Other Passions

    There are many -phile (or "lover") words out there. And if you don't love cheese maybe one of these other ones applies to you. 
  6. Modern Words To Show Yourself Some Love

  7. Can You Define These Modern Relationship Words?

    Are you currently in the dating scene? Well, if you aren't (or haven't been in the last 5 years) you may be completely unfamiliar with a whole subset of dating and relationship terms out there. Time to find out!
  8. Printable Valentines For Kids To Spark Their Love Of Words

    For grown-ups, Valentine’s Day means roses, champagne, and overpriced chocolate. But for kids, Valentine’s Day is all about fun! They get to eat heart-shaped candies, have class parties, and open cute cards from all of their friends. While this holiday is all about the love vibes for couples 😉, for kids it’s an opportunity to celebrate the people in their lives who make them feel …

  9. Unique Words To Use To Describe Your Significant Others

    We asked these people what unique words they've used to describe their significant others. Have you used these words too?
  10. How Do I Write Unique Vows?

    Dearly beloved … Many couples today want to make promises to each other that are more raw than rote, more personal than prescribed. They want to create vows that speak directly to who they are as a couple and what they hope to be.  As intense as your emotions may be for one another, putting them down into words can be a bit challenging. Unique …