Modern Words To Show Yourself Some Love

Sending a Valentine to the cutie down the hall is all well and good, but what are you doing for yourself in this season of love? Do you slay? Are you 💯? You’ve got the juice, so let’s hear it for you. 

Every single day is a reason to celebrate yourself! There are plenty of self-love anthems to dance along to, plenty of books that will help you grow into an admirable human being, and a face mask or two couldn’t hurt. Whether you’re coupled or self-partnered on Valentine’s Day, turn it into a day of appreciating yourself and all that you can do.

If you need some help expressing how you feel, read on and learn some of the slang you can use to show the world your confidence. Then go ahead and share a 🔥 selfie. We’re here for it.

feeling myself

Queen Bey and Nicki Minaj were onto something when they released their track “Feeling Myself” in 2014. The two female rappers declare their own greatness on the song, and everyone agreed so much so that the phrase feeling myself became an essential part of posting a bomb selfie.

In essence, feeling myself means that you’re comfortable in your own skin! This could be in terms of your appearance, the space you’re at in life, or your success. Chances are, if you post a selfie with the cheeky caption “I was definitely feeling myself today,” your friends and followers will be quick to agree!

fire emoji 🔥

There’s perhaps nothing more classic than the fire emoji 🔥 for conveying that something is scorching hot. Well, that something could be you! This multifaceted emoji can mean cool, awesome, or sexy.

So, how can you use this to give yourself an online pat on the back? There are a few ways. One is to post a selfie simply captioned with 🔥 to show you think you look great. Another is to give some context as to why you’re feeling fire:

“My meeting today was so 🔥🔥🔥🔥 … I secured the bag (as in money)!”

Or you could try it combined with other emoji:

“Not gonna lie, my dance moves were something else last night 🔥💃”


You might be thinking that thicc can only describe someone who is full-figured. As with all slang, it can be adapted in many different ways.

Thicc can be applied to large quantities or size. For example, follow rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s example, and tweet out “my money’s thicc!” after getting a well-deserved raise or bonus. Of course, it can describe a part of your body that is thicc that you want to share proudly. And since thicc is fairly humorous and has been the subject of many a meme, this could be a subtle flex at how funny you are, too!


In 2019, actress Emma Watson gave us this wonderful alternative to the word single. Being self-partnered is nothing to be ashamed of! In fact, many relationship experts will tout the benefits of working on yourself so you can bring more to the table when you meet someone.

Watson particularly noted the pressures faced by adults of a certain age, especially women, to have a partner. Everyone moves at their own pace through life, and romantic relationships should be no different.

So, the next time someone asks if you’re seeing someone or woefully single, flip the script and say that you’re self-partnered and happy.


“No, I’m not a snack at all / Look, baby, I’m the whole damn meal!” This lyric comes from singer and overall positivity champion Lizzo from her 2019 song “Juice.” Go the next step and spell snack like snacc, and you’ve got the appropriate amount of flair to make a self-celebratory post.

Calling yourself a snacc means you’re the whole cellophane-wrapped package. You’re a cutie, you’ve got it going on, maybe you’re even a little bit thicc. Regardless of your standout trait, snacc is a cute way to proclaim that you think you’re all that.


We can look to drag culture for a lot of the words that speak to our fierceness. As snatched picked up steam in 2016, even those outside the drag community began using it to describe someone who looks absolutely amazing.

Although snatched is a perfect compliment to give someone else, feel free to note that you yourself look snatched. Did you go to a formal event dressed to the nines? Post some pics from the event with this caption: “I don’t always look so snatched, but when I do I have to go all out.”

100 emoji 💯

Here’s another positive emoji to add a flair of braggadocio to your social media posts or text messages. This is one way to respond to a friend who’s killing it, but let this emoji pump up your own achievements, too.

The 100 emoji 💯 can show support or approval. You can spin it into a feel-good moment by throwing the 💯 onto the end of a complimentary post: “My hair is looking good today, if I do say so myself 💯💯”

You can also use the phrase keep it 100 to tell your friends that you’re a real one: “If we’re friends, just know I’ll always keep it 100 with you 💯”


Slay is another word from the drag community, and it’s also had its moment in a Beyoncé empowerment anthem. When you slay, you’re amazing, beautiful, and absolutely dominating. You’re a force to be reckoned with.

To give yourself some self-love, you can simply say you slay as your morning mantra; it’s a guaranteed way to pep yourself up to conquer whatever is in front of you. If you want to show off a bit for social media, shout out an accomplishment.

For example: “Oh she slays, and she passed all her exams, too 😘” or “Of course, my bff and I slayed everyone at prom! We looked amazinggg!!”


You got the juice? Yeah, you do! If you’re not hip on this slang, juice is similar to the slang word sauce. Juice means that you’ve got authority, you’ve got some influence, and you know how to use it. This might actually come off as boasting, but if you have the juice you should flaunt it.

This slang is rooted in the Black community. Many artists have used it to shout themselves out in their songs; there’s no reason you can’t do the same! Simply saying, “had to remind myself I got the juice this morning” says that you’re confident, but human, and have to remind yourself of your own capabilities from time to time. This could encourage others to remember they’ve got the juice, too!

person tipping hand emoji 💁‍♀️

While this emoji has a vastly different meaning than what people actually use it for, it’s a great way to punctuate that you’re feeling incredible. The person tipping hand emoji 💁‍♀️ is actually supposed to be a concierge, or someone offering their hand to give guidance.

Since the hand so close to the face looks like the emoji is flipping their hair, this is usually used in a sassy way. You can add this emoji after you’ve made a particularly brilliant point in the group chat, for example: “We could meet on thursday, orrrr we could meet on friday night and have a good old-fashioned night out 💁‍♀️”

Shout yourself out if you look first-rate: “Someone is looking really good today … that someone is me 💁‍♀️”

There are plenty of emoji and slang to show yourself some love. Which is your favorite?

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