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  1. Presidents’ Day Isn’t The Real Name Of This February Holiday

    If you live in the United States and you’re anything like us, you might view Presidents’ Day as just another three-day weekend in February. But the story behind this important commemorative holiday is more interesting than you might think—especially considering Presidents’ Day isn’t the official name of the holiday at all. When was the first Presidents’ Day? Presidents’ Day was first established in 1885 to …

  2. What Is The Difference Between “Yea” vs. “Yeah”?

    Yeah … these two words seem the same but which one should you use? Yea vs. yeah Yea can be used as an informal adverb meaning “yes” or “to affirm,” or as a noun to indicate an affirmative vote. When used in a vote, yea can be pronounced like “yay.” Yea can also be used as an adverb to amplify an adjective or to say …

  3. Why Do Some Words Look Wrong When Spelled Correctly?

    Do you ever spell a word you’ve spelled a thousand times only to second guess yourself? Just blame wordnesia!
  4. Why Are There Multiple Spellings Of These Everyday Words?

  5. Can You Answer The Question: “Do You Capitalize It?”

    These contestants are going to show us their capitalization skills. Are you ready?
  6. Why Is The Word “Rural” So Hard To Pronounce?

    Rural. It refers to things in the country, where things can be simpler and quieter than in cities. So, why is this word not simple to pronounce?!
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    These Are The Most Misspelled Words On Dictionary.com

    Have you ever typed a word into Dictionary.com just to see how it's spelled? Yup, us too. Here are the most misspelled words so far for 2019.

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    These Hacks Remind Us That Spelling Still Matters

  9. The Origin (And Grammar) Of Father’s Day

    While Mother’s Day became an official holiday in 1914, Father’s Day took a little longer to be considered a national holiday. And its origin, sadly, lies in two, unrelated tragic events. How did Father’s Day begin? About six months after the Monongah mining disaster of 1907, in which the small West Virginia town lost over 350 men, Grace Golden Clayton organized an event to honor the …

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    These Songs Helped Us Learn How To Spell