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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Definitions for discomfit

  1. To make uneasy or perplexed, or to put into a state of embarrassment; to disconcert; to upset.
  2. To thwart; to frustrate the plans of.
  3. (Archaic). To defeat in battle.

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Citations for discomfit
A few of Dr. Baden's anecdotes ramble pointlessly, and his gusto in describing the anatomical characteristics of exhumed bodies may discomfit the squeamish. Teresa Carpenter, New York Times
But the business of paradox is to discomfit the mind and force truths into connections that cannot be thought. Lore Segal, New York Times
Origin of discomfit
Discomfit comes from Old French desconfit, past participle of desconfire, from Latin dis- + conficere, "to make ready, to prepare, to bring about," from com- + facere, "to make."