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[sis] /sɪs/
cisgender or cissexual:
He may not be macho, but he's definitely a cis male.
a person who is cisgender or cissexual.
Origin of cis
by shortening
Usage note
See trans, gender1.


a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin meaning “on the near side of; on this side of” (cisalpine); on this model, used in the formation of compound words (cisatlantic).
Chemistry. a specialization of this denoting a geometric isomer having a pair of identical atoms or groups attached on the same side of two atoms linked by a double bond.
Compare trans- (def 2).
a prefix meaning “on the same side of,” referring to the alignment of one’s gender identity with one’s biological sex assigned at birth (cisgender; cissexual).
< Latin; akin to here


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Examples from the Web for cis
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Historical Examples
  • Once he had shown her that pillow so cherished by cis, which was covered with bright cretonne.

    The Rich Little Poor Boy Eleanor Gates
  • The directory meant more to Johnnie than ever had cis's books.

    The Rich Little Poor Boy Eleanor Gates
  • He did not mean to; and he did not look at cis after he did it, because he could not.

    The Rich Little Poor Boy Eleanor Gates
  • And Johnnie saw that while cis was looking with all her might, it was not at him!

    The Rich Little Poor Boy Eleanor Gates
  • Here Charlie and cis, with earth-stained knees and hands—the latter full of violets—reluctantly descended.

    A Crooked Path Mrs. Alexander
British Dictionary definitions for cis


Commonwealth of Independent States


on this or the near side of: cisalpine
(often in italics) indicating that two groups of atoms in an unsaturated compound lie on the same side of a double bond: cis-butadiene Compare trans- (sense 5)
Word Origin
from Latin
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Word Origin and History for cis


word-forming element meaning "on the near side of, on this side," from Latin preposition cis "on this side" (in reference to place or time), related to citra (adv.) "on this side," from PIE *ki-s, from root *ko- "this" (cf. Old Church Slavonic si, Lithuanian šis, Hittite ki "this," Old English hider, Gothic hidre "hither;" see he). Opposed to trans- or ultra-. Originally only of place, sometimes 19c. of time; 21c. of life situations (e.g. cis-gender, by 2011).

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cis in Medicine

cis (sĭs)
Having two mutations on two genes on the same chromosome of a homologous pair. Often italic.

cis- pref.
Often cis- Having a pair of identical atoms or groups on the same side of a plane that passes through two carbon atoms linked by a double bond: cis-butene.

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