a suffix used to form cardinal numerals from 13 to 19.

Origin of -teen

Middle English, Old English -tēne, combining form of ten; cognate with Dutch -tien, German -zehn
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British Dictionary definitions for -teen


n combining form

ten: added to modified forms of the numbers 3 to 9 to form the numbers 13 to 19
Derived Forms-teenth, adj combining form

Word Origin for -teen

Old English -tēne, -tӯne
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Word Origin and History for -teen

combining form meaning "ten more than," from Old English -tene, -tiene, from Proto-Germanic *tekhuniz (cf. Old Saxon -tein, Dutch -tien, Old High German -zehan, German -zehn, Gothic -taihun), an inflected form of the root of ten; cognate with Latin -decim (cf. Italian -dici, Spanish -ce, French -ze). The combining form of ordinal numbers, -teenth, developed from Old English -teoða, -teoðe (West Saxon), teogoða (Anglian) "tenth."

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