Age of Aquarius

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an astrological era believed to bring increased spirituality and harmony on earth.
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Also called Aquarian Age.

Origin of Age of Aquarius

First recorded in 1965–70
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What does Age of Aquarius mean?

In astrology, the term Age of Aquarius refers to a period of time (associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius) that is believed to bring an increase in harmony in the world.

Aquarius is the name of a constellation that’s considered one of the 12 zodiacal constellations—those that appear within a particular portion of the sky called the zodiac. This is the basis of the names of the signs of the zodiac in astrology, which is the nonscientific practice in which the positions of heavenly bodies at certain times are thought to influence or be correlated with human behavior and events.

In astrology, the word age refers to a period associated with—and that is thought to be primarily influenced by—one of these signs. There is no consensus among astrologers about when these ages begin or end or how long they are—though they are often said to last around 2,000 years or more.

Astrologers do not agree about the timing of the Age of Aquarius, with some believing that it has already begun and others believing that it will begin relatively soon (after the Age of Pisces). Similarly, there are different interpretations about what effects it will have.

The phrase Age of Aquarius is perhaps best known for its use in the lyrics (“This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius”) of a song that originated in the 1960s musical Hair. The most well-known version (titled Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In) is by the band The 5th Dimension from their album The Age of Aquarius. The song is associated with the late 1960s hippie and counterculture movement, and the term Age of Aquarius is sometimes used in reference to this era and its ideals of peace and love.

The Age of Aquarius can also be called the Aquarian Age. 

Example: I really hope the astrologists are right and the Age of Aquarius brings good things into the world!

Where does Age of Aquarius come from?

The first records of the phrase Age of Aquarius come from the 1960s. The word Aquarius is taken directly from Latin, in which it means “water carrier,” from the Latin root aqua, meaning “water.” The constellation Aquarius is interpreted as resembling a person carrying a bucket of water and is sometimes called the Water Bearer or the Water Carrier.

Some astrologers try to tie events of world history to the particular astrological age that they believe was occurring at that time. This involves separating history into astrological ages that are thousands of years long. The Age of Aquarius is by far the most well-known, but there are ages named after all 12 signs of the zodiac.

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  • Aquarian Age

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How is Age of Aquarius used in real life?

The term Age of Aquarius is most commonly used in the context of astrology, but a lot of people know it due to its use in the popular song, which is associated with the 1960s and the hippie ideals of peace and love.



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In astrology, the Age of Aquarius is commonly believed to begin every January.