[ uh-nek-sher ]

  1. Chiefly British. something annexed or appended; an annex or supplement.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of annexure1

1870–80; annex (v.) + -ure
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Example Sentences

The note, annexure No. 2, regulates the details of these measures.


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More About Annexure

What does annexure mean?

An annexure is an addition to something, often to a document.

When used generally to simply mean something added, annexure is interchangeable with annex. Annexure is more commonly used in the U.K. and India, where it often specifically refers to an addition to an official document.

Example: The annexure to her dissertation includes the most recent data.

Where does annexure come from?

Annexure is a combination of annex (from the Latin annexus, meaning “tied to”) and the suffix -ure, which is used to form abstract nouns. Annexure was first recorded in the late 1800s.

An annexure is intended to supplement a document with additional information. This differs from an amendment, which corrects or changes information. An annexure is similar to an addendum or an appendix.

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What are some synonyms for annexure?

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How is annexure used in real life?

Annexures are typically found at the back of legal or other official documents, usually with labels like Annexure 1, Annexure A, etc.


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Which one of these words is NOT a synonym of annexure?

A. Foreword
B. Appendix
C. Attachment
D. Addendum




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