[ ap-uh-jee ]
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  1. Astronomy. the point in the orbit of a heavenly body, especially the moon, or of a man-made satellite at which it is farthest from the earth.: Compare perigee.

  2. the highest or most distant point; climax.

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Origin of apogee

1585–95; alteration (after French apogée) of earlier apogaeum<Latin <Greek apógaion (diástema) off-earth (distance), neuter of apógaios (adj.), equivalent to apo-apo- + gáïos of the earth, derivative of gaîa, variant of the earth

Other words from apogee

  • ap·o·ge·al, ap·o·ge·an, ap·o·ge·ic, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for apogee


/ (ˈæpəˌdʒiː) /

  1. the point in its orbit around the earth when the moon or an artificial satellite is at its greatest distance from the earth: Compare perigee

  2. the highest point

Origin of apogee

C17: from New Latin apogaeum (influenced by French apogée), from Greek apogaion, from apogaios away from the earth, from apo- + gaia earth

Derived forms of apogee

  • apogean, adjective

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Scientific definitions for apogee


[ ăpə-jē ]

  1. The point farthest from Earth's center in the orbit of the Moon or an artificial satellite.

  2. The point in an orbit that is most distant from the body being orbited. Compare aphelion perigee.

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Cultural definitions for apogee


[ (ap-uh-jee) ]

In astronomy, the point during the orbit of a satellite, such as the moon, at which it is farthest from the body being orbited. For planets in the solar system orbiting the sun, their farthest point from the sun is referred to as aphelion.

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