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/ ˈbʊk i /
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Origin of bookie

First recorded in 1880–85; book(maker) + -ie
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What does bookie mean?

A bookie is a person whose business is accepting other people’s gambling bets, such as on sporting events. It can also refer to a company that does this.

Bookie is the common, informal name for a bookmaker. The word book in bookmaker refers to a record of bets.

The word bookie is associated with illegal betting operations, especially those run by organized crime groups. However, being a bookie can be done legally. Still, as modern sports betting becomes more widespread, sophisticated, and run by large businesses, the image of a bookie as a shady person writing down bets by hand in a book is likely on the decline.

Example: I got a hot tip on a horse—I better call my bookie!

Where does bookie come from?

The first records of the word bookie come from the 1880s. It’s a shortened version of bookmaker, in which the word refers to a record of bets. The suffix -ie is used in informal and diminutive nouns. The first records of the word bookmaker come from around 1400. The word maker is used in the same way in the related word oddsmaker.

A bookie is often also an oddsmaker—the person (or organization) that sets the odds for a particular contest. The bookie usually makes money by adding their profits into the odds of each bet.

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How is bookie used in real life?

Bookie is always used in the context of betting, whether legal or otherwise.


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All bookies are criminals.

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British Dictionary definitions for bookie

/ (ˈbʊkɪ) /

informal short for bookmaker
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