[ book-mey-ker ]
/ ˈbʊkˌmeɪ kər /
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a person who makes a business of accepting the bets of others on the outcome of sports contests, especially of horse races.
a person who makes books.
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Origin of bookmaker

First recorded in 1375–1425, bookmaker is from the late Middle English word bokmakere.See book, maker


bookmaking, noun, adjective
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What does bookmaker mean?

A bookmaker is a person or institution whose business is accepting other people’s gambling bets, such as on sporting events.

A bookmaker is more commonly called a bookie, especially when it refers to a person. The word book in bookmaker refers to a record of bets.

The words bookie and bookmaker are sometimes associated with illegal betting operations, especially those run by organized crime groups. However, being a bookmaker can be done legally. Still, as modern sports betting becomes more widespread, sophisticated, and run by large businesses, the image of a bookmaker as a shady person writing down bets by hand in a book is likely on the decline.

The word bookmaker can also refer to a person or company that makes books.

Example: I got a hot tip on a horse—I better call my bookmaker!

Where does bookmaker come from?

The first records of the word bookmaker come from around 1400. The word book in bookmaker refers to a record of bets. The word maker is used in the same way in the related word oddsmaker.

A bookmaker is often also an oddsmaker—the person (or organization) that sets the odds for a particular contest. The bookmaker usually makes money by adding their profits into the odds of each bet.

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How is bookmaker used in real life?

Bookmaker is always used in the context of betting, whether legal or otherwise.


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All bookmakers are criminals.

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British Dictionary definitions for bookmaker

/ (ˈbʊkˌmeɪkə) /

a person who as an occupation accepts bets, esp on horseraces, and pays out to winning betters

Derived forms of bookmaker

bookmaking, noun
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