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Origin of cabin

1325–75; Middle English cabane < Middle French < Old Provençal cabana < Late Latin capanna (Isidore of Seville), of uncertain, perhaps pre-Latin orig.; spelling with i perhaps by influence of French cabine (see cabinet)

1. cot, shanty, shack, cottage. 6. quarters, compartment.

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/ (ˈkæbɪn) /



to confine in a small space

Word Origin for cabin

C14: from Old French cabane, from Old Provençal cabana, from Late Latin capanna hut

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Word Origin and History for cabined



mid-14c., from Old French cabane "hut, cabin," from Old Provençal cabana, from Late Latin capanna "hut" (source of Spanish cabana, Italian capanna), of doubtful origin. French cabine (18c.), Italian cabino are English loan-words. Meaning "room or partition of a vessel" is from late 14c. Cabin fever first recorded by 1918 in the "need to get out and about" sense; earlier (1820s) it was a term for typhus.

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