[ kuh-rek-shuhn ]
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  1. something that is substituted or proposed for what is wrong or inaccurate; emendation.

  2. the act of correcting.

  1. punishment intended to reform, improve, or rehabilitate; chastisement; reproof.

  2. Usually corrections. the various methods, as incarceration, parole, and probation, by which society deals with convicted offenders.

  3. a quantity applied or other adjustment made in order to increase accuracy, as in the use of an instrument or the solution of a problem: A five degree correction will put the ship on course.

  4. a reversal of the trend of stock prices, especially temporarily, as after a sharp advance or decline in the previous trading sessions.

Origin of correction

1300–50; Middle English correccio(u)n (<Anglo-French ) <Latin corrēctiōn- (stem of corrēctiō) a setting straight. See correct, -ion

Other words from correction

  • non·cor·rec·tion, noun
  • pre·cor·rec·tion, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for correction


/ (kəˈrɛkʃən) /

  1. the act or process of correcting

  2. something offered or substituted for an error; an improvement

  1. the act or process of punishing; reproof

  2. a number or quantity added to or subtracted from a scientific or mathematical calculation or observation to increase its accuracy

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