[ kuh-rek-shuhn ]
/ kəˈrɛk ʃən /
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something that is substituted or proposed for what is wrong or inaccurate; emendation.
the act of correcting.
punishment intended to reform, improve, or rehabilitate; chastisement; reproof.
Usually corrections. the various methods, as incarceration, parole, and probation, by which society deals with convicted offenders.
a quantity applied or other adjustment made in order to increase accuracy, as in the use of an instrument or the solution of a problem: A five degree correction will put the ship on course.
a reversal of the trend of stock prices, especially temporarily, as after a sharp advance or decline in the previous trading sessions.
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Origin of correction

1300–50; Middle English correccio(u)n (<Anglo-French ) <Latin corrēctiōn- (stem of corrēctiō) a setting straight. See correct, -ion


non·cor·rec·tion, nounpre·cor·rec·tion, noun
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What is a correction?

A correction is something substituted for something that is wrong or inaccurate, such as when a newspaper issues a correction to a story it got wrong.

A correction is also an adjustment or addition to something to make it more accurate, as when you make a steering correction while driving to ensure you are in the center of your lane.

A correction is also a punishment that is meant to help you reform or improve. This is the type of correction connected with prisons, also called correctional facilities.

Example: We are applying a correction to the story after it came out that one of the sources was lying.

Where does correction come from?

The first records of the term correction come from around 1300. It ultimately comes from the Latin corrēctiō, meaning “a setting straight.” Corrections are made after something wrong is said or done.

While correction is usually associated with correcting misinformation, it can also be applied to several fields for specific meanings. In criminal justice, corrections are the punishments given to convicted criminals that are meant to help them become better people. In science, engineering, and transportation, a correction describes an adjustment to a part or course that will lead the test or journey to different outcomes. And in finance, a correction is when a stock’s price suddenly changes its current trend, either higher or lower.

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What are some other forms related to correction?

  • noncorrection (noun)
  • precorrection (noun)
  • correctional (adjective)

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How is correction used in real life?

Correction sometimes carries a feeling of shame if what is being corrected is serious.



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With all the corrections on my paper, it’s no wonder I got 100%.

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British Dictionary definitions for correction

/ (kəˈrɛkʃən) /

the act or process of correcting
something offered or substituted for an error; an improvement
the act or process of punishing; reproof
a number or quantity added to or subtracted from a scientific or mathematical calculation or observation to increase its accuracy
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