[ koz-muh s, -mohs ]
/ ˈkɒz məs, -moʊs /

noun, plural cos·mos, cos·mos·es for 2, 4.

the world or universe regarded as an orderly, harmonious system.
a complete, orderly, harmonious system.
order; harmony.
any composite plant of the genus Cosmos, of tropical America, some species of which, as C. bipannatus and C. sulphureus, are cultivated for their showy ray flowers.
Also Kosmos. (initial capital letter) Aerospace. one of a long series of Soviet satellites that have been launched into orbit around the earth.

Origin of cosmos

1150–1200; Middle English < Greek kósmos order, form, arrangement, the world or universe Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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/ (ˈkɒzmɒs) /


the world or universe considered as an ordered system
any ordered system
harmony; order
plural -mos or -moses any tropical American plant of the genus Cosmos, cultivated as garden plants for their brightly coloured flowers: family Asteraceae (composites)

Word Origin for cosmos

C17: from Greek kosmos order, world, universe

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/ (ˈkɒzmɒs) /


astronautics any of various types of Soviet satellite, including Cosmos 1 (launched 1962) and nearly 2000 subsequent satellites
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Scientific definitions for cosmos

[ kŏzməs, kŏzmōs′ ]

The universe, especially when considered as an orderly and harmonious whole.
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