[ dih-seet ]
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  1. the act or practice of deceiving; concealment or distortion of the truth for the purpose of misleading; duplicity; fraud; cheating: Once she exposed their deceit, no one ever trusted them again.

  2. an act or device intended to deceive; trick; stratagem.

  1. the quality of being deceitful; duplicity; falseness: a man full of deceit.

Origin of deceit

1225–75; Middle English deceite<Anglo-French, Old French, noun use of feminine of deceit, past participle of deceivre to deceive

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1, 3. See duplicity

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  • non·de·ceit, noun

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/ (dɪˈsiːt) /

  1. the act or practice of deceiving

  2. a statement, act, or device intended to mislead; fraud; trick

  1. a tendency to deceive

Origin of deceit

C13: from Old French deceite, from deceivre to deceive

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