[ dih-see-vuh-buhl ]
/ dɪˈsi və bəl /
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capable of being deceived; gullible.
Archaic. misleading; deceptive.
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Origin of deceivable

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; see origin at deceive, able


non·de·ceiv·a·ble, adjective
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What does deceivable mean?

Deceivable means easily deceived—misled, cheated, or otherwise convinced of something that is not the truth. The word gullible means the same thing.

The word is typically used to describe people who are lied to without knowing that they have been lied to—or people who are easily tricked into believing things that are not true. Con artists and scammers prey on deceivable people, whom they might call suckers or easy marks.

Example: If a person doesn’t have a strong foundation in critical thinking, it’s likely that they are very deceivable.

Where does deceivable come from?

The first records of the word deceivable come from the 1300s. Its base word, deceive, ultimately comes from the Latin verb dēcipere, meaning “to ensnare” (in the literal sense of trapping someone or an animal).

People who are deceivable are more prone to being trapped by attempts to mislead or trick them. Ironically, deceivable people often believe that they are the least gullible people—that they know the truth and that others are the deceivable ones.

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How is deceivable used in real life?

Deceivable is used to describe gullible people, but it’s not as commonly used as gullible.


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