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[dih-loot, dahy-; adjective dahy-loot]
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verb (used with object), di·lut·ed, di·lut·ing.
  1. to make (a liquid) thinner or weaker by the addition of water or the like.
  2. to make fainter, as a color.
  3. to reduce the strength, force, or efficiency of by admixture.
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verb (used without object), di·lut·ed, di·lut·ing.
  1. to become diluted.
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  1. reduced in strength, as a chemical by admixture; weak: a dilute solution.
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Origin of dilute

1545–55; < Latin dīlūtus washed away, dissolved (past participle of dīluere), equivalent to dī- di-2 + -lūtus, combining form of lautus (lav(ere) to wash + -tus past participle suffix)
Related formsdi·lut·er, di·lu·tor, noundi·lu·tive, adjectivean·ti·di·lu·tive, adjectiveo·ver·di·lute, verb, o·ver·di·lut·ed, o·ver·di·lut·ing.un·di·lute, adjectiveun·di·lut·ed, adjectiveun·di·lut·ing, adjective
Can be confuseddilate dilute

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cut, weakened, light, adulterated, dilute, impaired, impoverished, reduced, watery, weak, wishy-washy, washy, waterish

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British Dictionary definitions for diluted


  1. to make or become less concentrated, esp by adding water or a thinner
  2. to make or become weaker in force, effect, etche diluted his story
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  1. chem
    1. (of a solution, suspension, mixture, etc) having a low concentration or a concentration that has been reduced by admixture
    2. (of a substance) present in solution, esp a weak solution in waterdilute acetic acid
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Derived Formsdilutee, noundiluter, noun

Word Origin for dilute

C16: from Latin dīluere, from dis- apart + -luere, from lavāre to wash
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Word Origin and History for diluted



1550s, from Latin dilutus, past participle of diluere "dissolve, wash away, dilute," from dis- "apart" + -luere, comb. form of lavere "to wash" (see lave). Related: Diluted; diluting. As an adjective from c.1600.

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diluted in Medicine


(dī-lōōt, dĭ-)
  1. To reduce a solution or mixture in concentration, quality, strength, or purity, as by adding water.
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  1. Thinned or weakened by diluting.
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