[ drahy-ver ]
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  1. a person or thing that drives.

  2. a person who drives a vehicle; coachman, chauffeur, etc.

  1. a person who drives an animal or animals, as a drover or cowboy.

  2. Also called number one wood. Golf. a club with a wooden head whose face has almost no slope, for hitting long, low drives from the tee.

  3. Machinery.

    • a part that transmits force or motion.

    • the member of a pair of connected pulleys, gears, etc., that is nearer to the power source.

  4. Computers. software or hardware that controls the interface between a computer and a peripheral device.

  5. British. a locomotive engineer.

  6. Audio.

    • the part of a loudspeaker that transforms the electrical signal into sound.

    • the entire loudspeaker.

  7. Nautical.

    • a jib-headed spanker sail.

    • a designation given to one of the masts abaft the mizzen on a sailing vessel having more than three masts, either the fifth or sixth from forward.: Compare pusher (def. 4), spanker (def. 1b).

Origin of driver

First recorded in 1350–1400, driver is from the Middle English word drivere.See drive, -er1

Other words from driver

  • driv·er·less, adjective
  • non·driv·er, noun

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How to use driver in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for driver


/ (ˈdraɪvə) /

  1. a person who drives a vehicle

  2. in the driver's seat in a position of control

  1. a person who drives animals

  2. a mechanical component that exerts a force on another to produce motion

  3. golf a club, a No. 1 wood, with a large head and deep face for tee shots

  4. electronics a circuit whose output provides the input of another circuit

  5. computing a computer program that controls a device

  6. something that creates and fuels activity, or gives force or impetus

Derived forms of driver

  • driverless, adjective

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see backseat driver; in the driver's seat.

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