[ god-daw-ter ]


  1. a female godchild.


/ ˈɡɒdˌdɔːtə /


  1. a female godchild

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Word History and Origins

Origin of goddaughter1

before 1050; Middle English; Old English goddohtor; god, daughter

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Example Sentences

When historians study why armies began gathering in Europe during the plague of 2021, their interest might turn to a teenage girl, the goddaughter of Moscow’s isolated sovereign.

From Time

The filmmakers are my goddaughter Sara Ossana and her husband Mathew Provost.

Dr. Melton looked up in some surprise from his circle of lamplight as his goddaughter came swiftly into the room.

Dr. Melton did not see his goddaughter again until he came with Mrs. Sandworth to the last of these events.

Madame Chandroz' daughter, the Baroness von Blow, was the burgomaster's goddaughter.

I've only a telegram yet though, but write at once to congratulate you on your little goddaughter.

After ten o'clock, when the household was in bed, Madame Hochon kept her goddaughter in her chamber until midnight.


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More About Goddaughter

What does goddaughter mean?

A goddaughter is a girl who’s the godchild of one or more godparents—people who have pledged to help with her upbringing, especially in a religious way.

In some denominations of Christianity, when a child is baptized, they are sponsored by (usually two) adults who pledge to help in this way. Those adults are the child’s godparents, and the child is their godchild.

Goddaughters are often related to their godparents (a girl might be her aunt’s goddaughter, for example), but they don’t need to be.

Godparents also often pledge to become the godchild’s guardian if needed (in the event that the child’s parents die).

These terms are all sometimes applied outside of a religious context—parents may choose close relatives or friends to act as godparents for their children without any religious aspect to the relationship.

A godparent can still refer to their godchild with that term even after the child becomes an adult.

Example: Some people are godparents in name only, but Kelly and Chris spend as much time as they can with their goddaughter.


Where does goddaughter come from?

Goddaughter is an old word, with the first records of its use coming from before 1050. Even though the word God is usually capitalized in the context of Christianity, it’s spelled lowercase in some general terms, such as godliness.

In some Christian denominations, people officially become godparents to their godchild at the child’s baptism by making specific pledges to assist with their religious upbringing. Some parents, though, choose godparents for their child simply by asking them to have a special presence in their godchild’s life (and often to act as the child’s guardians if something should happen to them). This may or may not involve a religious aspect.

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How is goddaughter used in real life?

The word goddaughter is especially associated with the relationship that’s made official during the Christian ceremony of baptism, but it’s also used in nonreligious contexts.



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I try to be a good godmother by always sending my goddaughter something for her birthday.

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