[ hawr-id, hor- ]
/ ˈhɔr ɪd, ˈhɒr- /


such as to cause horror; shockingly dreadful; abominable.
extremely unpleasant or disagreeable: horrid weather; She thought her uncle was horrid.
Archaic. shaggy or bristling; rough.

Origin of horrid

1580–90; < Latin horridus bristling, rough, equivalent to horr- (stem of horrēre to stand on end, bristle) + -idus -id4


Related forms

hor·rid·ly, adverbhor·rid·ness, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for horridly


/ (ˈhɒrɪd) /


disagreeable; unpleasanta horrid meal
repulsive or frightening
informal unkind

Derived Forms

horridly, adverbhorridness, noun

Word Origin for horrid

C16 (in the sense: bristling, shaggy): from Latin horridus prickly, rough, from horrēre to bristle
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