[ in-spek-shuhn ]
/ ɪnˈspɛk ʃən /
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the act of inspecting or viewing, especially carefully or critically: an inspection of all luggage on the plane.
formal or official viewing or examination: an inspection of the troops.
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Origin of inspection

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English inspeccio(u)n, from Latin inspectiōn- (stem of inspectiō ). See inspect, -ion

synonym study for inspection

2. See examination.


in·spec·tion·al, adjectivepre·in·spec·tion, nounre·in·spec·tion, nounself-in·spec·tion, noun
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What is an inspection?

An inspection is an instance of viewing, examining, or critically analyzing something with the purpose of improving it or highlighting something. 

Inspections are often done to identify specific problems or aspects of something. For example, you might perform an inspection of your body after walking in the woods to see if any ticks have attached themselves to you.

An inspection can also be a formal examination of something or someone to see if they meet specific requirements. A vehicle inspection, for example, is performed by a trained professional who reviews your vehicle against a list of safety checks to ensure your car is safe to drive.

Example: My whole fleet of trucks will be up for a safety inspection in a few months.

Where does inspection come from?

The first records of the term inspection come from around the late 1300s. It ultimately comes from the Latin inspicĕre, meaning “to look into.” An inspection is an instance of looking for a specific reason.

Similar to a vehicle inspection, homes and buildings can also be inspected by trained professionals. Such inspections are performed prior to a sale or refinancing to identify any structural problems or weaknesses in the building. Businesses like restaurants will also undergo health inspections to make sure the business is operating under specific health and safety standards.

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What are some other forms related to inspection?

  • inspectional (adjective)
  • preinspection (noun)
  • reinspection (noun)
  • self-inspection (noun)

What are some synonyms for inspection?

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How is inspection used in real life?

There are all kinds of inspections, both formal and informal.


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