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Origin of investigation

1400–50; late Middle English investigacio(u)n < Latin investīgātiōn- (stem of investīgātiō). See investigate, -ion
Related formsin·ves·ti·ga·tion·al, adjectivepre·in·ves·ti·ga·tion, nounre·in·ves·ti·ga·tion, noun

Synonyms for investigation

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1, 2. scrutiny, exploration. Investigation, examination, inquiry, research express the idea of an active effort to find out something. An investigation is a systematic, minute, and thorough attempt to learn the facts about something complex or hidden; it is often formal and official: an investigation of a bank failure. An examination is an orderly attempt to obtain information about or to make a test of something, often something presented for observation: a physical examination. An inquiry is an investigation made by asking questions rather than by inspection, or by study of available evidence: an inquiry into a proposed bond issue. Research is careful and sustained investigation. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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Historical Examples of investigation

  • I had but to demand an investigation into the man's affairs.

  • The investigation had been brought about by a note one of the Stewards had received.


    W. A. Fraser

  • The Trainer pursued his investigation among the stable lads.


    W. A. Fraser

  • The commotion of pursuit and investigation was sweeping past her tent.

    The Leopard Woman

    Stewart Edward White

  • And you really think that the investigation should be made in that direction?

    The Secret Agent

    Joseph Conrad

British Dictionary definitions for investigation


  1. the act or process of investigating; a careful search or examination in order to discover facts, etc
Derived Formsinvestigational, adjective
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Word Origin and History for investigation

early 15c., from Old French investigacion (14c.), from Latin investigationem (nominative investigatio) "a searching into, a searching for," noun of action from past participle stem of investigare "to trace out, search after," from in- "in, into" (see in- (2)) + vestigare "to track, trace," from vestigium "footprint, track" (see vestige).

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