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noun,plural (especially collectively) lob·ster, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) lob·sters.
  1. any of various large, edible, marine, usually dull-green, stalk-eyed decapod crustaceans of the family Homaridae, especially of the genus Homarus, having large, asymmetrical pincers on the first pair of legs, one used for crushing and the other for cutting and tearing: the shell turns bright red when cooked.

  1. any of various similar crustaceans, as certain crayfishes.

  2. the edible meat of these animals.

Origin of lobster

before 1000; Middle English lopster,Old English loppestre literally, spidery creature (loppe spider (see lob1) + -stre-ster); cf. lop1

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/ (ˈlɒbstə) /

nounplural -sters or -ster
  1. any of several large marine decapod crustaceans of the genus Homarus, esp H. vulgaris, occurring on rocky shores and having the first pair of limbs modified as large pincers

  2. any of several similar crustaceans, esp the spiny lobster

  1. the flesh of any of these crustaceans, eaten as a delicacy

Origin of lobster

Old English loppestre, from loppe spider

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