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  1. a painting or drawing in different shades of a single color.
  2. the art or technique of producing such a painting or drawing.
  3. the state or condition of being painted, decorated, etc., in shades of a single color.
  1. being or made in the shades of a single color: a blue monochrome seascape.
  2. having the images reproduced in tones of gray: monochrome television.

Origin of monochrome

From the Medieval Latin word monochrōma, dating back to 1655–65. See mono-, -chrome
Related formsmon·o·chro·mic, mon·o·chro·mi·cal, adjectivemon·o·chro·mi·cal·ly, adverbmon·o·chrom·ist, nounmon·o·chro·my, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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Historical Examples of monochrome

  • The monotone of the wind and the monochrome of the sky oppress him.

    A Spoil of Office

    Hamlin Garland

  • All the illustrations, both autochrome and monochrome, are the work of Mr. Coburn.

    Mark Twain

    Archibald Henderson

  • While some of the works were executed in brilliant colours, most of them were in monochrome.

  • Unfortunately, not having the originals, I can only give them in monochrome.

  • The landscape beneath it is not the monochrome picture most of us associate with moonlight.

    The Alps

    Martin Conway

British Dictionary definitions for monochrome


  1. a black-and-white photograph or transparency
  2. photog black and white
    1. a painting, drawing, etc, done in a range of tones of a single colour
    2. the technique or art of this
  3. (modifier) executed in or resembling monochromea monochrome print
  1. devoid of any distinctive or stimulating characteristics
Also called (for senses 3, 4): monotint
Derived Formsmonochromic or monochromical, adjectivemonochromist, noun

Word Origin for monochrome

C17: via Medieval Latin from Greek monokhrōmos of one colour
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Word Origin and History for monochrome

1660s, "painting or drawing done in different tints of a single color," from Greek monochromos "of a single color," from monos "single, alone" (see mono-) + khroma (genitive khromatos) "color, complexion, skin" (see chroma). As an adjective from 1849. Photographic sense is recorded from 1940.

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