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  1. milliroentgen; milliroentgens.

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[ mis-ter ]

abbreviationplural Messrs. [mes-erz]. /ˈmɛs ərz/.
  1. mister: a title of respect prefixed to a man's name or position: Mr. Lawson; Mr. President.

  2. a title prefixed to a mock surname that is used to represent possession of a particular attribute, identity, etc., especially in an idealized or excessive way: Mr. Democrat; Mr. Perfect; Mr. Macho.

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/ (ˈmɪstə) /

nounplural Messrs (ˈmɛsəz)
  1. a title used before a man's name or names or before some office that he holds: Mr Jones; Mr President

  2. (in military contexts) a title used in addressing a warrant officer, officer cadet, or junior naval officer

  1. a title placed before the surname of a surgeon

Origin of Mr

C17: abbreviation of mister

British Dictionary definitions for MR (2 of 2)


abbreviation for
  1. (in Britain) Master of the Rolls

  2. motivation(al) research

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