[ muhsh-er ]
/ ˈmʌʃ ər /
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noun Alaska and Northern Canada.
a person who competes in cross-country races with dog team and sled.
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Origin of musher

First recorded in 1895–1900; mush2 + -er1
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What does musher mean?

A musher is a person who steers a dogsled led by sled dogs.

The term is especially used to refer to a person who does this to compete in a sled dog race, such as a cross-country race like the Iditarod.

The word musher is most commonly used in Alaska and Canada, where sled dog racing is more common.

Example: The prize goes to the musher, but it is the sled dogs that are the true champions.

Where does musher come from?

The first records of the word musher come from the 1890s. It’s based on the word mush, which is first recorded around the same time. As a verb, mush means “to drive or travel with a sled dog team.” In this context, mush is probably best known as the command that the musher gives to the dogs to tell them to go (much like giddyup is used with horses).

Mush was perhaps originally used in the verb phrase mush on, which comes from the French Canadian term marchons, meaning “let’s go.”

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What are some other forms related to musher?

  • mush (verb, interjection)

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How is musher used in real life?

The word musher is used in the context of dogsled racing.

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Dogsleds are typically pulled by mushers.

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