[ aw-fuhn-tahymz, of-uhn-; awf-tuhn, of- ]
/ ˈɔ fənˌtaɪmz, ˈɒf ən-; ˈɔf tən, ˈɒf- /
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Also oft·times [awft-tahymz, oft-, awf-, of-]. /ˈɔftˌtaɪmz, ˈɒft-, ˈɔf-, ˈɒf-/.

Origin of oftentimes

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; see origin at often, time, -s1
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What does oftentimes mean?

Oftentimes is another way of saying often or frequently. It’s used to give an idea of how frequently something happens or is done.

Something that happens occasionally happens sometimes. Something that happens oftentimes happens a lot (though maybe not all the time).

Oftentimes is an adverb, meaning it’s typically used to describe verbs. It’s oftentimes associated with habitual actions.

A less common variant of oftentimes is ofttimes.

Example: He would oftentimes take his dog for a walk in the woods to clear his head.

Where does oftentimes come from?

The first records of the word oftentimes come from the late 1300s. The more common word sometimes is formed in the same way. The suffix -s is used in oftentimes to form an adverb—the same way it’s used in sometimes and always.

Terms like sometimes and oftentimes are used to indicate the relative frequency of an action or occurrence over a period of time. But they’re not definite terms—they depend on what the speaker means. In fact, two different people might use sometimes and oftentimes to indicate about the same level of frequency. Still, oftentimes is typically used to indicate a higher level of frequency than sometimes, as in I sometimes return my library books on time, but I oftentimes forget.

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How is oftentimes used in real life?

Oftentimes is less commonly used than often. When it is used, it’s oftentimes associated with habitual actions or recurring events.



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