[ ploo-tok-ruh-see ]
/ pluˈtɒk rə si /

noun, plural plu·toc·ra·cies.

the rule or power of wealth or of the wealthy.
a government or state in which the wealthy class rules.
a class or group ruling, or exercising power or influence, by virtue of its wealth.

Origin of plutocracy

1645–55; < Greek ploutokratía, equivalent to ploûto(s) wealth + -kratia -cracy Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for plutocracy

/ (pluːˈtɒkrəsɪ) /

noun plural -cies

the rule or control of society by the wealthy
a state or government characterized by the rule of the wealthy
a class that exercises power by virtue of its wealth

Derived forms of plutocracy

plutocratic (ˌpluːtəˈkrætɪk) or plutocratical, adjectiveplutocratically, adverb

Word Origin for plutocracy

C17: from Greek ploutokratia government by the rich, from ploutos wealth + -kratia rule, power
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Culture definitions for plutocracy

[ (plooh-tok-ruh-see) ]

Government by the rich. The term is usually one of reproach.

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