plural qt., qts. quart.



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or Q.T.


Origin of q.t.

First recorded in 1905–10
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What else does QT mean?

In slang, QT can mean cutie. Go ahead, try to say QT. It almost sounds just like cutie, an informal term for a cute person.

QT also an abbreviation of quiet.

How is QT pronounced?

[ kyoo-tee , kyootee ]

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Where does QT come from?

As an abbreviation of quiet, QT goes back to at least the 19th century. First recorded in the 1840s, the phrase on the quiet was an expression meaning “in strict confidence, in secret,” with shortened on the QT appearing in the late 1800s. Over 100 years later, on the QT was used, for example, as part of a tagline to the 1997 neo-noir film L.A. Confidential: “Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush …”

QT was used as a homophone for cutie (attractive, charming person or pet) in the early 1980s animal superhero comic book character Cutey Bunny, created by Joshua Quagmire. This comic was pretty niche, but a 1995 Usenet posting from a fan club of the book is an early example of QT online.

Beyond the comic, QT spread in early 1990s internet culture. It was, and is, used for cutie in various forms of digital communication.

How is QT used in real life?

On the QT is sometimes used as a more old-fashioned, noir-sounding version of on the down-low/DL.

Online, QT for cutie is popular as an affectionate and playful abbreviation for the various loved ones in our lives.

QT 3.14 is a playful way of punning on cutie pie, 3.14 the rounded fraction for the value π (pi).

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abbreviation for plural qt or qts


British Dictionary definitions for qt (2 of 2)


abbreviation for informal

on the q.t. secretly
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Abbreviation of quart
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see on the Q.T.

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