[ skree-mer ]
/ ˈskri mər /


a person or thing that screams.
Informal. something or someone causing screams of excitement, laughter, or the like.
Printing Slang. an exclamation point.
  1. a sensational headline.
  2. banner (def. 7). Compare scarehead.
Baseball Slang. an extremely hard-hit line drive.
Ornithology. any of several South American birds of the family Anhimidae, having a harsh, trumpeting call.
Compare horned screamer.

Origin of screamer

First recorded in 1705–15; scream + -er1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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/ (ˈskriːmə) /


a person or thing that screams
any goose-like aquatic bird, such as Chauna torquata (crested screamer), of the family Anhimidae of tropical and subtropical South America: order Anseriformes (ducks, geese, etc)
someone or something that raises screams of laughter or astonishment
US and Canadian slang a sensational headline
Australian slang
  1. a person or thing that is excellent of its kind
  2. See two-pot screamer
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