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[sep-choo-aj-uh-ner-ee, -too-, -tyoo- or, esp. British, -choo-uh-jee-nuh-ree]
adjective, noun, plural sep·tu·ag·e·nar·ies.
  1. septuagenarian.
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Origin of septuagenary

1595–1605; < Latin septuāgēnārius, equivalent to septuāgēn(ī) seventy each (distributive of septuāgintā seventy) + -ārius -ary
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Historical Examples of septuagenary

  • In Spain they, lock up all the ladies at night, even to the septuagenary femmes de chambre.

    The Memoirs of the Louis XIV. and The Regency, Complete

    Elizabeth-Charlotte, Duchesse d'Orleans