[ stahy-fuhld ]
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  1. quelled, crushed, or ended by force: The activist has been in and out of detention as she continues to call attention to her country's stifled uprising.

  2. suppressed, repressed, or inhibited: My foot slipped, and with a stifled shriek I found myself grasping desperately for a handhold.One version of me grew up as expected, appearing as a confident adult to the outside world; the other remained a stifled, insecure child.

  1. deprived of air or of the ability to breathe: The light is mixed with the dust floating in the stifled hut, where the air inside never moves.When I see that picture of the stifled refugees hidden in the van, I don’t understand the heartlessness that permits such a thing.

  1. the simple past tense and past participle of stifle1.

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  • un·sti·fled, adjective

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