[ yoo-ni-ter-ee ]
/ ˈyu nɪˌtɛr i /


of or relating to a unit or units.
of, pertaining to, characterized by, or aiming toward unity: the unitary principles of nationalism.
of the nature of a unit; having the indivisible character of a unit; whole.
serving as a unit, as of measurement or estimation.
of or relating to the use of units: A unitary method was applied.
Government. of or relating to a system of government in which the executive, legislative, and judicial powers of each state in a body of states are vested in a central authority.

Origin of unitary

First recorded in 1810–20; unit, unit(y) + -ary


u·ni·tar·i·ness, noun
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/ (ˈjuːnɪtərɪ, -trɪ) /


of a unit or units
based on or characterized by unity
individual; whole
of or relating to a system of government in which all governing authority is held by the central governmentCompare federal
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