adverb Chiefly Scot.

in a direction contrary to the natural one, especially contrary to the apparent course of the sun or counterclockwise: considered as unlucky or causing disaster.

Also wid·der·shins [wid-er-shinz] /ˈwɪd ərˌʃɪnz/.
Compare deasil.

Origin of withershins

1505–15; < Middle Low German weddersin(ne)s < Middle High German widdersinnes, equivalent to wider (Old High German widar) opposite (see with) + sinnes, genitive of sin way, course (cognate with Old English sīth); see send1, -s1
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Historical Examples of withershins

  • But this is telling our tale "withershins about," as they say in Netherby.

    Cleg Kelly, Arab of the City

    S. R. (Samuel Rutherford) Crockett

  • To go 'withershins' seems to have been reserved for cursing and excommunication.

    Balder The Beautiful, Vol. I.

    Sir James George Frazer

  • To go round the person in the opposite direction, or “withershins,” is an evil incantation and brings ill-fortune.

    The Kath Sarit Sgara

    Somadeva Bhatta

  • A weak man like his learned brother Withershins was not a judge to keep the high-roads safe, and make crime tremble.

    In a Glass Darkly, v. 1/3

    Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

  • Having arrived at their rendezvous, they danced round it ‘withershins’—that is, in reverse of the apparent motion of the sun.

    Witch, Warlock, and Magician

    William Henry Davenport Adams

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adverb mainly Scot

in the direction contrary to the apparent course of the sun; anticlockwise
in a direction contrary to the usual; in the wrong directionCompare deasil

Word Origin for withershins

C16: from Middle Low German weddersinnes, from Middle High German, literally: opposite course, from wider against + sinnes, genitive of sin course
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