[ rahy-ting ]
/ ˈraɪ tɪŋ /


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    writing on the wall. handwriting(def 4).

Origin of writing

Middle English word dating back to 1175–1225; see origin at write, -ing1

Related formsself-writ·ing, adjectiveun·writ·ing, adjective


[ rahyt ]
/ raɪt /

verb (used with object), wrote or (Archaic) writ; writ·ten or (Archaic) writ; writ·ing.

verb (used without object), wrote or (Archaic) writ; writ·ten or (Archaic) writ; writ·ing.

Verb Phrases

Origin of write

before 900; Middle English writen, Old English wrītan; cognate with Old Saxon wrītan to cut, write, German reissen to tear, draw, Old Norse rīta to score, write

Related formsmis·write, verb (used with object), mis·wrote, mis·writ·ten, mis·writ·ing.

Can be confusedright rite wright write

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/ (ˈraɪtɪŋ) /


Word Origin for writing

sense 8: allusion to Daniel 5:5


/ (raɪt) /

verb writes, writing, wrote or written

Derived Formswritable, adjective

Word Origin for write

Old English wrītan (originally: to scratch runes into bark); related to Old Frisian wrīta, Old Norse rīta, Old High German rīzan (German reissen to tear)

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  • write down
  • write in
  • write off
  • write one's own ticket
  • write out
  • write up

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  • nothing to write home about

Also see underwrote.

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