[ zoh-on ]
/ ˈzoʊ ɒn /

noun, plural zo·a [zoh-uh] /ˈzoʊ ə/. Biology Rare.

any of the individuals of a compound organism.
any individual, or the individuals collectively, produced from a single egg.

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Origin of zoon

1860–65; < New Latin zōon < Greek zôion animal

Related formszo·on·al [zoh-uh-nl] /ˈzoʊ ə nl/, adjective


a combining form meaning “animal,” “organism” of the kind specified by the initial element, often corresponding to zoological class names ending in -zoa, with -zoon used to name a single member of such a class: protozoon.

Origin of -zoon

see origin at zoon

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/ (ˈzəʊɒn) /

noun plural zoa (ˈzəʊə) or zoons

a less common term for zooid (def. 1)
Derived Formszoonal, adjective

Word Origin for zoon

C19: from New Latin, from Greek zōion animal; related to Greek zōē life


n combining form

indicating an individual animal or an independently moving entity derived from an animalspermatozoon

Word Origin for -zoon

from Greek zōion animal

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Medicine definitions for zoon



Animal; independently moving organic unit:spermatozoon.

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