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    Feminist Terms That Inspire Action


    Words Of The Millennium

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    Essential Car-Sales Lingo To Know On The Lot

  4. getty

    No Offense, These Words Used To Be Inoffensive

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    How Not To Be The Most Annoying Kid In Class

    You know the type who backfires with “it is what it is” when something doesn’t go right, or the person who constantly yells out “YOLO,” even when it’s not appropriate.

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    Do You Remember This Fly 90s Slang?

  7. Friendly or Flirty: How To Decipher Ambiguous Texts

  8. Overworked Buzzwords In Business

    These are the business buzzwords that are actually offensive—to humans, animals, you name it. These business bullies should be axed for good.

  9. Gambling Terms To Get Ahead

  10. How Snowflake Went From Winter Wonderland to Petty Insult

    Every snowflake is unique. Reclaim the snow. Snowflake is one of the words that has taken a jump from normal noun to pointed insult. When used as an insult, it means that someone is easily offended and has a hard time accepting anything outside of their comfort zone. It’s often used against younger people (generally, those of the millennial generation) and left-leaning people.

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