1. The Most Confusing Words About Dating And Romance

  2. 22 Insults We Should Bring Back

  3. Gearhead Slang For The Fast Lane

  4. 8 Absurd Sayings Invented By “Family Guy” Characters

  5. Words of the 80s: Totally Tubular Slang

  6. 10 Modern Words That Shouldn’t Exist Anymore

  7. Bogus Words That Speak The Truth

  8. Hilariously Inappropriate Pick-Up Lines for Book Nerds

  9. Phrases Only New Englanders Know

    New Englanders are unique and so is their slang. Between phrases like "bang a ’uey" and "leaf peepers," it's almost like these up north folks have their own language. For those who aren't tuned into the New England terms, we have you covered. Here are words and phrases only heard in New England - and the backstory of how each one came about.

  10. Tired Slang We Can All Stop Using Now

    Want to sound totally out of date? Continue using worn out slang words from 2016 (and on) in your vocab. But if you don't want to annoy your friends anymore with phrases from yesterday, you better skip on sliding any of these into the conversation (and add a few new phrases instead).

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