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🎥- movie camera emoji

or movie camera emoji

[moo-vee kam-er-uh ih-moh-jee]

What does 🎥 mean?

Lights, 🎥, action! The movie camera emoji is used for all things cinema, from watching a flick at home to making it big in Hollywood. The emoji can also be used for videos more generally, from sports clips to phone recordings.

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Where does 🎥- movie camera emoji come from?

Examples of 🎥- movie camera emoji

Emotions 🎥 #JamesSpader
@elisa_bellei, December, 2017
when you hear the fridge door open 🎥 lil_pickies_da_pug
@PugsReacts, June, 2018
Tonight I’ll be on @nflnetwork talking about #ForgottenPlays! 🏈 #NFLTop10 In conjunction with @NFLFilms! 🎥
@BrodyismeFriend, December, 2017

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Who uses 🎥- movie camera emoji ?

The movie camera emoji is often used when posting one’s excitement about an anticipated or favorite film.

It is also used when discussing cinema as an art and an industry. This can include acting, directing, editing, film studies and festivals, the concept of stardom, and the big business of film production.

The movie camera emoji isn’t restricted to film film (like the kino kind) though. It can be used when talking about videos and recordings in general, especially in sports.

Many use the emoji when making their own videos for social media, like Instagram stories. That’s real art, people.

The movie camera emoji can also be used more metaphorically (e.g., memories, as if captured on tape).

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