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🥺 Pleading Face Emoji

or Face With Pleading Eyes emoji [ plee-ding feys ih-moh-jee ]

What does 🥺 Pleading Face emoji mean?

The Pleading Face emoji 🥺 depicts a yellow face with large puppy-dog eyes and a small frown. It is meant to represent the typical face one makes when pleadingthat is, trying to win compassion or sympathy.

Besides conveying such acts as pleading, begging, or beseeching, the Pleading Face emoji 🥺 also variously conveys sadness, guilt, cuteness, and even arousal.

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Where does 🥺 Pleading Face Emoji come from?

The Pleading Face emoji 🥺, officially called Face With Pleading Eyes emoji 🥺, was approved under Unicode 11.0 in 2018. On all major platforms, the emoji resembles a yellow, smiley-styled face with big, watery, mournful eyes with upturned eyebrows and a little, pouting frown. On most platforms, the eyes of the emoji are black, but Twitter’s design notably features orange and brown eyes.

The face is meant to resemble the expression of puppy-dog eyes (a term which dates back to the early 1900s), attributed to cute animals or young children who are begging for something, trying to win someone over, or showing remorse in an irresistible way. 

While a relatively new member of the emoji family, the Pleading Face emoji 🥺 is extraordinarily popular. According to Emojipedia, the Pleading Face emoji 🥺 was the third most used emoji on Twitter in 2020, behind (but growing on) Face With Tears of Joy emoji 😂 and Loudly Crying Face emoji 😭.

Examples of 🥺 Pleading Face Emoji

This guy has been taking pics of his gf for like 30 minutes and he’s being so patient with her omg so cute 🥺
@reiamimami, August 27, 2020
I’m so sad futbol season is coming to an end 🥺
@ochocinco, August 1, 2020

Who uses 🥺 Pleading Face Emoji?

As its name suggests, the Pleading Face emoji 🥺 is often used when a person is begging or pleading for something, such as asking for forgiveness or a favor. This versatile emoji is also used to convey a range of other emotions, such as showing remorse, affection, hurt, fear—or sometimes just being cute and silly.

The emoji, however, is also involved in many not-so-innocent acts online (e.g., soliciting or posting adult photos or videos) or making lustier feelings known to the timeline.

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