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What does Forky mean?

Forky is a toy spork in the animated film Toy Story 4. He is popular for his absurd appearance and hilarious antics—as well as his very moving and relatable existential crisis over whether he is a piece of trash or lovable toy.

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Where does Forky come from?


In June 2019, Pixar’s popular, computer-animated Toy Story franchise premiered its fourth installment: Toy Story 4. Joining the beloved gang of toys, headed by Woody and Buzz Lightyear, is a new character, Forky (voiced by Tony Hale). 

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Forky is a spork (found in a trashcan) created into a toy by Bonnie during craft time at kindergarten. He has popsicle sticks for feet, red pipe cleaners for arms, googly eyes, and a very expressive blue mouth and red unibrow.

Forky becomes Bonnie’s favorite toy, but he faces an existential crisis: He thinks he’s just trash and keeps trying to throw himself away. When Bonnie takes him and her other top toys on a family road trip, an anxious Forky escapes, saying: “I was meant for soup, salad, maybe chili. And then the trash! I’m litter!”

Despite his initial jealousy about Forky, the toy sheriff Woody (Tom Hanks) ventures out to reunite him with Bonnie—and helps Forky embrace his purpose and worth in life as a toy, bringing happiness, play, and comfort to Bonnie.

Examples of Forky

If I'm a Disney Character, Im Forky because I'm Trash :<
@Cabantud_Joshua, October 2013
The part I liked best in Toy Story 4 was Forky, born into the world screaming into the dark and knowing only that it wants to die.
@psuedofolio, July 2019
There’s a quiet contemplativeness at the movie’s heart, exemplified by a long scene in which Woody and Forky discuss the meaning of life as a plaything.
Dana Stevens, Slate, June 2019

Who uses Forky?

As with the Toy Story 4 movie itself, Forky was a hit, inspiring many laughs from young and old alike—and, of course, a lot of merchandise and memes.

Forky also resonated more deeply in popular culture. His crisis and questioning about his purpose in life struck a chord—and sounded brighter notes—at a time when many people feel under threat by climate change, gun violence, and political divisions.

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