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George Glass

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Who does George Glass mean?

George Glass is an imaginary boyfriend of the character Jan Brady from the 1960–70s sitcom The Brady Bunch.

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Where does George Glass come from?

Jan Brady dreamt up George Glass in Season 2 of The Brady Bunch in the episode “The Not-So-Ugly-Duckling,” which first aired on November 20, 1970. In the episode, Jan has an unrequited crush on a boy, Clark Tyson, but he is more interested in her sister Marcia.

After Jan fails to attract Clark, she hides herself in her room, defeated and depressed. Her parents, Mike and Carol, attempt to cheer her up. During their talk, Jan claims to already have a boyfriend named George Glass, his last name improvised from a drinking glass Jan sees on a table.

Jan referred to her fictional boyfriend several times over The Brady Bunch’s run, usually in arguments with Marcia. In the 1996 film A Very Brady Sequel, Jan runs into an actual boy named George Gunther Glass (Michael Lindburg) at the exact time she needs a date to a wedding, a 26-year payoff to the joke.

Examples of George Glass

Relationship Status: George Glass
@NylonMag, June, 2016
Allen Craig is to the Cardinals as George Glass was to Jan Brady. I'm not sure he's real.
@AnswerDave, July, 2010

Who uses George Glass?

George Glass is usually brought up in references to The Brady Bunch, always at poor Jan’s expense.


George Glass is also sometimes used for any made-up romantic partner or person.

George Glass is even occasionally seen with his female equivalent in pop culture, my girlfriend from Canada.

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