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What does t-girl mean?


A t-girl is a term for a transgender girl or woman. Some in the LGBTQ community may find it offensive.

Examples of t-girl


Examples of t-girl
these girls using pride as an excuse to get drunk and high but when was the last time you supported a t-girl's gofundme??
@yxng_meezy, June 2019
Nightlight in cities from coast to coast have always been gay-centric and left queer, transgender, and gender-nonconforming people at the door. But for GAMI, the Miami born and raised T-girl, this kind of homosexual nonsense she’s witnessed growing up in the city is ready for retirement.
Chris Thomas, Out, October 2018

Where does t-girl come from?


T-girl is a variation on transgender woman or trans woman, a person who was assigned male at birth but whose gender identity is female. T is short for trans(gender) and girl, of course, is a term for a female person. The transgender man equivalent of a t-girl is t-boy.

Early instances of t-girl online are found in personals posted on gender-and-sexuality-based Usenet groups in the late 1990s. Today, t-girl is sometimes used in the pornography industry to label or promote content. Some have argued that this use of t-girl fetishizes or objectifies transgender woman. Others, such as a self-identified transgender commentator Daniella Argento in 2018 blog post on the term, have observed:

Wherever the usage is, the pornographer follows. However, I simply cannot agree that a word being used by a pornographer invalidates other uses of that word. It is simply a nonsensical argument. Using obscenities in polite society does not raise their register. Using high register words to describe obscenity does not destroy the meaning of the word.

Who uses t-girl?

The term t-girl is disputed within the LGBTQ community. Some transgender woman identify as t-girls. As noted, others find t-girl offensive, especially because the term is associated with pornography featuring transgender women.

Given that some people may be offended, it’s always best to ask a person about their identification preferences. Additionally, calling a woman a girl (outside contexts where women themselves are using it playfully or affectionately) is sexist.

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