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What does TERF mean?


TERF is an acronym for "trans-exclusionary radical feminism" or "trans-exclusionary radical feminist."

Examples of TERF


Examples of TERF
If you think TERF is slur, pffffffffft.
@JimSterling, June, 2018
"TERF IS A SLUR," people say, as if to completely spackle over the fact that excluding and neglecting the existence of a whole group of people is ACTUALLY BAD. But calling it out, they say, is just as bad, or maybe worse? (Spoiler: it ain't.)
@ChuckWendig, June, 2018
Punch a TERF.
@18_volt, June, 2018

Where does TERF come from?

TERF is used to describe cisgender women who self-identify as feminist but who are opposed to including transgender women in spaces they reserve for people who were assigned female at birth. This is because they believe trans women are men and since men cannot coexist with their feminist ideologies, they exclude them from their beliefs and support. In fact, they often believe they should be denied rights and sometimes advocate for harm against trans people.

In use online since at least 2008, TERF has different connotations, depending on who is using it. Those who use it to describe others note that it’s descriptive in nature, and not insulting.

But, well-known feminists who have been labeled TERF on the internet have come out to call the term a slur, because it is associated with violence and hatred.

Who uses TERF?

TERF is often used by transgender advocates and has largely replaced usage of the phrase RadFem to describe this particular sector of women.

The phrase punch a TERF is often used on social media, particularly on Twitter. Trans advocates use the term to dismiss TERFs and their unsupportive statements and beliefs about trans people. However, the use of phrases like this has led to actual violence.

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