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[ od fyoo-cher woolf gang kil thuhm awl ]

What does OFWGKTA mean?

OFWGKTA stands for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, a Los Angeles-based hip-hop collective featuring artists like Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and Frank Ocean.

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Where does OFWGKTA come from?

OFWGTKA started in 2007 as a group of Los Angeles teenagers and young adults. Beginning with core members Tyler the Creator, Left Brain, Hodgy Beats, and Jasper Dolphin, OFWGTKA expanded to a rap collective totaling over a dozen members. Two of the most noted and influential artists to join the group were rapper Early Sweatshirt and singer Frank Ocean, who joined in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

Following two earlier mixtapes, OFWGTKA released their only album to date, OF Tape Vol. 2, in 2012, on their self-named record label. The group became known for its hipster eccentricity and iconoclastic attitude, helping them launch a clothing line and land a sketch show, Loiter Squad, between 2012–14 on the Adult Swim block of Cartoon Network.

The devil-may-care, cool-kid, IDGAF OFWGTKA is not without its controversies. Noted for their boisterous live shows that included moshing, stage-diving, and full-on brawls, the group was banned from a music festival in New Zealand in 2014 over concerns about threats to public order. Perhaps it was a tough act to keep up, as OFWGTKA has been essentially inactive since 2015–16.

Examples of OFWGKTA

Odd Future's next album comes out in April, and the first single—"Yonkers"—has been racking up a hundred thousand views a day, according to XL. Love them or hate them, you can't ignore them. OFWGKTA are on the hunt.
Bailey Johnson, CBSNews.com, February 18, 2011
Some of u didn’t go thru ur ofwgkta phase and it shows.
@zoesgonzales, August 31, 2020
Kinda funny tyler saying fuck every magazine / person in here but @ofwgkta tweets every press appearance. #hiphoptheatre
@rafikam, November 8, 2020

Who uses OFWGKTA?

Since OFWGKTA is a long initialism, so many fans shorten it to Odd Future or OF. Both OFWGKTA and OF are used on the collective’s branded merchandise.

In the early 2010s, OFWGKTA made cultural waves for its boundary-pushing, subversive lyrics, image, and demeanor as young, arty black men.

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