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or 'Murica or 'Merica [ mur-ih-kuh, mer-ih-kuh ]

What does Murica mean?

Variously facetious, disparaging, or proud in tone, Murica is a slang way of referring to America, implying extreme patriotism extreme patriotism and stereotyping how white southerners might say the word.

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Where does Murica come from?

Folks have been saying Murica long before it became ironic. We can find America written as ‘Merica in the early 1800s. That loss of an initial, unstressed syllable has a name, by the way: aphesis.

Writing America as Murica, however, came to deliberately stereotype how white, rural Southerners would pronounce America. For instance, if you’re a beer-swillin’, gun-totin’, freedom-lovin’, flag-wavin’, red-blooded person from the U S of A, you might say you live in—or be mocked as living in—Murica.

The Murica jab takes off in early 2000s political commentary. A 2003 comment on the website Democratic Underground ironically characterized US government foreign interference as “‘lil old murica” wouldn’t hurt a fly. A 2004 progressive blog post described the red states who voted for George W. Bush as “The Wingnutted States of ‘Murica.” This use of Murica spread as a liberal insult against “rednecks” and an overzealous dedication to the Second Amendment and hyper-masculinity

Murica went further into the mainstream in 2012 when pages on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Reddit boasted names like F**k Yeah Murica, featuring images, videos, and memes revved up with bald eagles, American flags, guns, soldiers, and an awful lot of F-bombs.

Much of the Murica content online is meant to be mocking, but, as frequently happens with insults, its target re-appropriated the term at least by the mid-2010s, using it earnestly to express their patriotism and American pride, including with Murica merchandise and clothing.

Examples of Murica

Spending my Friday night watching some football! #GoodLife#Murica
@A_Steimle, September 2012
This margarita-sippin’ hot-tub chillin’ bear is ready to celebrate ’MURICA!
Gwen Ihnat, The Takeout, July 2018
America is borrowing money from China to pay US farmers hurt by Trump's tariffs on China. / Yup. #stableGenius #Murica
@montrealdesign, July 2018

Why do some people say Murica?

Murica is popular around the Fourth of July holiday, when red, white, and blue are everywhere to celebrate America’s Independence Day. Folks love showing off their bunting and barbecues with a proud, and sometimes ironic, Murica.

Day cruising & drinks. #boats #lbc #murica

A post shared by John (@lbjohnnyg) on

Murica is often used to imply strength and power. Some men use the hashtag “#Murica” to showcase cars, guns, male friendship, or stereotypically manly activities.

Beautiful little 32 #murica #usa #freedom #2A #dtom #shallnotbeinfringed @99_xjcherokee

A post shared by Zac (@american.patriot.76) on

Ma dude and his dudes #bikercity #nipcity #murica

A post shared by Cali Titz (@cali_titmas) on

It’s also used alongside other US-themed paraphernalia to express forms of patriotism. This could be a marketing tactics to promote goods and services, an attempt at humor, or a little dig at Americans themselves.

While many conservatives have embraced Murica, plenty of progressives still use Murica to trash-talk their opponents, Republican policies and ideology, or issues with America more generally.

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