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What does nibba mean?

Nibba is an alteration of nigga, a variant of the N-word reclaimed by some Black speakers.

Nibba is primarily used by white people online to avoid getting in trouble for using nigga. It is nevertheless still considered offensive.

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Where does nibba come from?

Examples of nibba

*watches a nibba p!ss on my mothafukin sandwiches*
@Pixar87, October 2018
“fuck you guys I just got a ban for saying nibba in chat,”one player tweeted at Ubisoft last Friday, “nibba” being a thinly-veiled way of saying the n-word.
Ethan Gach, Kotaku, July 2018
I trust no white person that types nibba
@_AetherStar, September 2019

Who uses nibba?

While some of its users may try to claim otherwise, nibba is offensive, even if altered in spelling, because it’s based on the N-word, an extremely painful slur.

Black users of nibba, however, may represent the only exception, given the reclamation of nigga in some Black communities.

Some white people use nibba online to slur Black people but avoid censors and moderators. Some white people use nibba as some Black speakers use nigga, a term of address to friends and familiars. Yet others use nibba, true to internet culture, to be ironic, for shock value, or to troll people online.

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