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What does smize mean?

To smize is to smile with your eyes, usually in a sexy and playful way. Fierce!

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Where does smize come from?

HSN / YouTube

Smize is a “Tyraism” of Tyra Banks, former model and host of America’s Next Top Model. According to Banks, to smize is to “smile with your eyes,” blending the word smile with the sound of the word eyes, hence the spelling smize.

The word and act were the main focus of “Fortress of Fierceness,” the third episode of Season 13 of America’s Next Top Model, which aired on September 16, 2009. In the episode, Banks taught the contestants what smizing was, with the competitive challenge centering on performing the best smize. As for what a smize looks like, Tyra has famously demonstrated it on various talkshow appearances and interviews.

Sure enough, smize first appeared online a few days before the premiere of the 13th season of America’s Next Top Model, likely because clips of “Fortress of Fierceness” were used in commercials and marketing.

Tyra herself first tweeted the word immediately after “Fortress of Fierceness” aired.

Examples of smize

Good morning. Now get out there and SMIZE at a stranger!
@tyrabanks, August, 2018

For all the purists out there, it looks as though Life-Size 2 will hold tight to the lore of the first film. In the sequel, Eve swishes down liquid butter and smizes her way through a makeover montage.

Yohana Desta, Vanity Fair, November, 2018

Who uses smize?

Tyra Banks remains a huge fan of her smize. Plenty of smizes (in word and facial form) can be found on her social media.

Since Tyra popularized the word, an untold number of other people have captured smizes from women, men, and even animals.


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