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the zoomies [ zoo-meez ]

What are zoomies?

Zoomies (or the zoomies) is a slang term for a sudden burst of hyperactivity by a dog, cat, or other animal—such as rapidly running back and forth or in circles. The term is typically applied to pets, as opposed to wild animals.

The term is often used in phrases like get the zoomies or have the zoomies, as in Rex had the zoomies at the dog park and got all the other dogs riled up. 

Zoomies is an informal term. One technical term for such bursts of activity is Frenetic Random Activity Periods (abbreviated as FRAPs).

Example: My dog always seems to get the zoomies when I come home from work and starts bouncing off the furniture.  

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Where does zoomies come from?

filtered image of a small dog running across grass

Animal experts cite zoomies as a normal part of pet behavior. The exact cause of such behavior is uncertain, but it’s often attributed to a variety of factors, such as excitement, stress, need for exercise, or being around other energetic animals.

The exact origin of the term zoomies is uncertain, but it has been used in reference to pet behavior since at least the early 2000s.

The first part of the word is likely a straightforward use of the verb zoom—since such animals can be said to be zooming around. The diminutive suffix -ies (a form of -ie, used in words like doggie and cutie) is used in other terms that also refer to a state and use the word the, such as the munchies and the twisties.

Examples of zoomies

There is nothing funnier than watching a tiny dog have zero traction zoomies on a hardwood floor
@MicaBurton, December 26, 2021
Many cat owners will recognize Paulie's wild running—often referred to as the "zoomies"—as a common expression of energy in our pets.
Alice Gibbs, Newsweek, March 8, 2022

Who uses zoomies?

Zoomies (most often the zoomies) is a slang term used by people describing their pets’ bursts of frantic activity, especially when such activity is humorous.

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