What does baiser mean?


Un baiser is French for "a kiss." If used as a verb, baiser is vulgar slang for sex, equivalent to the English "fuck" or "screw."

Examples of baiser


Examples of baiser
I had forgotten that the motto of my school's students association is : Fumer, boire et baiser (Smoke, drink, sex). :| #embarrassed
@Coeurli, September 2012
Meredith et Kevin aiment baiser les rideaux grands ouverts. People Who Just Had Sex... [Meredith and KEvin love to fuck with the curtains wide open]
@VICEfr, August 2012

Natalie Portman : Baiser tendre avec Benjamin Millepied pour une grande soirée [Natalie Portman: Tender kiss with Benjamin Millepied at a big party]

Purepeople (headline), October 2018

Where does baiser come from?

Maj Majest

Un baiser is French for “a kiss.” It can refer to a romantic kiss or a kiss a person would give a family member.

Baiser comes from the Latin basiare, meaning “to kiss.” It became slang for sexual “fucking” or “screwing” in the 17th century, as seen in the poetry of François Maynard (1582-1646).

In modern French, the word embrasser (“to embrace”) is used as the verb form of “to kiss” to distance it from baiser.

Even native French speakers need to be careful when using baiser. For example, Je veux te donner un baiser means “I want to give you a kiss” while Je veux te baiser means “I want to fuck you.”  

Who uses baiser?


Non-French speakers, let us repeat: un baiser is “a kiss” while baiser, used as a verb, is “to fuck” (have sex).

The former can be sweet or romantic and is an everyday word in French…

…the latter is sexy or offensive, depending on context.

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